Heroes at Home Appreciation Day

These are the nominees for this year's program. 
Each snapshot below includes a shortened version of why each lady is nominated and her story.

Jessica Anderholm
(service woman)

I am nominating Jess because she was with me during that deployment, my "right hand man" so to speak.

Special Story
Arguably the most stressful time in our lives, not only did we depend on each other in a stressful dangerous environment to act and do our job, but mentally we were there for each other. She's one of the hardest working people I've ever met, easily one of the nicest and kindest, and did I mention she has a 4.0 in nursing school right now? 

Christina Los

She is Super Mom and military wife. Her husband and her are raising a two year old with cancer. Aiden was diagnosed at 18 months old. Aaron is still in the service. Chrissy has spent many nights with there son in Boston children's Hospital while Aaron has had to work ever day and drill every month while keeping him informed of everything that had happened throughout the day. 

Special Story
Aaron and Chrissy have been married for (going on) 7 years. When Aaron was deployed in 2009, he tried to surprise Chrissy with a wedding while he was home on leave. But she found out and she planned the wedding while he was deployed and they got married while he was on leave from Iraq. They had tried for years to have a baby and in April of 2014 they were finally blessed with Aiden. ...Aiden was diagnosed with a malignant rhabdoid tumor which is a rare form of kidney cancer. In November of 2015 she had to watch her son go through losing his kidney and start with aggressive chemo and radiation therapy right away. He finished his radiation in December and his last chemo treatment was the week of his 2nd birthday this past April 2016. 

Stefanie Pereira

My wife Stefanie has helped me through my career of 18 years in the Marine Corps. She has seen me off for deployments lasting 6-9 months at a time, never mind all of the training exercises I have been through. She has stood by me through my most difficult days while serving as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island, getting up with me at 0300 in the morning to make me breakfast so survive the day...She is constantly putting me and our three beautiful children before herself and there is never a way to repay her which is why I am grateful for this opportunity.

Special Story
Both of us being huge Boston Red Sox fans, it is difficult being stationed away from them.

Brianna Ioannou

She is the love of my life. Without Brianna I don't know where I would be. She takes care of both of our children as well as 5 of our friends children (8 kids total) just to help them because daycare is to expensive for some families. She loves every single one of them and almost never takes a break to enjoy herself. I work third shift at a local business in Charlestown and don't get to spend as much time with her that she deserves, and wish I could give her more of my time to help with everything.

Special Story
Brianna and I got married shortly after I returned from Afghanistan in 2011 at the courthouse in San Diego, CA. I always planned to give her the actual wedding ceremony that she deserves but with our 2 unexpected blessings, I haven't been able to save up enough to give her that. She has never complained about the he small things like that. I truly hope you consider my wife for this, and thank you for your time.

Julie Murphy

I am nominating my wife because she has do e20 years of service by my side,!raising three kids one with autism. Never complains about anything and put everyone else first at all times.

Special Story
I have done 20 years in the Marines and still going strong, I'm from Boston and grew up a huge Sox fan; however it's not about me, my wife is the glue, she keeps it all together while I'm gone, which is most of the time. I'm sure Mrs. Pedroia can relate as she deals with a very similar situation. All in all I would love this opportunity for my wife cause she would never do this for herself. Thank you for the opportunity and what you are doing for military spouses they deserve it.

Stephany Rodriguez

The reason why I am nominating my wife is because through her working at the CDC and helping her family back home and babysitting kids on the weekends so families can enjoy some alone time. She never makes time for herself. My wife and I try to make plans but when you don't work at a normal active duty unit and color guards and funerals are always popping up it can make things difficult. I can think of a couple of times that we gave away Redsox tickets just because our schedules didn't add up. Nothing would make me happier then to see her spend 1 day where she can clear her head and enjoy herself.

Special Story
The special story that I would like to share is how we met. We are not high school sweethearts or long term friends, we didn't even grow up in the same state. She lived in Texas and I am from Maryland. I was stationed at Marine Barracks Washington in Washington DC and I was home in Fredrick MD visiting family and friends. I went to the mall to see a childhood friend and there I see a beautiful woman standing behind the counter where he worked. ...While I was at training we talked everyday. Too keep this story short. I returned in May and we fell in love and were married 5 months later. Be together 4 years now.

Mayumi Fortune

My wife has been the hero of our family for almost 19 years of marriage. I am an active duty Marine who has been serving for over 25 years and deployed ISO Kosovo on three occasion, Iraq twice, and Afghanistan twice. My wife has continually taken care of us and allowed me to focus on the mission and not worry about home. She has also stood by me during difficult duties, such as; being a drill instructor on Parris Island, SC for 4 years and recruiting duty for three years. She is my rock and without her I would be lost.

Special Story
My Son was born when I was deployed to Iraq and my wife was by herself since she is from Japan and her family is not in the U.S. My Son became very sick when he was 10 days old and was placed in ICU for several weeks. It was due to a severe food allergy to milk, eggs, soy, and breast milk. He was placed on a special formula and today is a healthy 13 year old boy. She has always taken care of complex problems like this even when I am not around to help even with English being her second language. I would love to see my wife get pampered and recognized for everything she has done.

Bethany Marullo
(service woman)

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to nominate Bethany Marullo for this wonderful program. She is an incredible, hardworking, passionate, compassionate person who is striving daily to make our local community, our nation and our world a better place. Bethany has a long history of service to our country: after the U.S. Military Academy, she was commissioned into the U.S. Army, was deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq supporting Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Her active duty service culminated as a Military Intelligence Company Commander. She continues to serve as a Major in the Army Reserves. Outside of her duties in the Army, her service and commitment to bettering the lives of others continues in the health care field. She is now an administrative fellow at Mass General, a field she chose because it supports her drive to work on projects that have a significant impact in the community. Share your special story.

Special Story
When I told Bethany that I wanted to nominate her for this special recognition, she was honored, but immediately said, “I promise there are more deserving individuals.” That is exactly why I wanted to nominate her. She is humble, yet strong. She is not one to seek out accolades or praise. She is always looking for ways she can learn, grow and improve. She serves as an inspiration to those around her. I am thankful for her service to our country and now our hospital. At Mass General, I have seen her passion for health care firsthand as she is an important member of two committees I serve on – our Opioid Task Force and our Diversity Initiatives. She has helped move these programs forward thanks to her dedication and drive. Bethany recently told me about her time in the military, “It was and is an honor to serve.” I am so thankful that there are people like Bethany who strive every day to bring positivity and hope to those around them. Thank you for your consideration.

Cathleen Haldopoulos

Cathleen has made a difference in my life and the lives of our entire base community. Cathleen volunteers countless hours with the FRG so all of our base events go off without a hitch. I have witnessed her, on numerous occasions, start conversations with new families or spouses and see them instantly put to ease. Cathleen puts the needs of others ahead of her own, whether it be moving in a new family, volunteering for the 6am drill-weekend childcare, or running between work and her own family’s obligations to pitch in at a pasta dinner. 

Special Story
I married my husband shortly before his first deployment. I joined the FRG in hopes to make some friends who understood the lifestyle, as well as to make a difference in the community. Cathleen, being a more experienced spouse, her husband serving active duty prior to joining our reserve base, helped me find my way through the ins and outs of military life- ID cards, health insurance, and absolutely anything else. If I have a question or need any kind of support, all I have to do was ask and she has always been more than willing to help or find someone who could.

Kayleigh Bundy

I am nominating Kayleigh because she is an amazing army wife and stay-at-home mother of two small boys. My husband use to work with her husband and thats how we met. She had to undergo life saving heart surgery when she was seventeen years old. You would never know it though because she is such a strong and very busy mother of two rambunctious boys. (2 & 3yrs old) 

Special Story
Christina Quinones: I am also an army wife and stay-at-home mom of two sweet children.... I was so thrilled when I was previously nominated for this wonderful opportunity. My husband is often thanked and treated to special things for his service. Which is thoughtful and so generous of others, but it what pretty darn awesome to finally be thanked and appreciated for what we as military wives do. We are left to hold down everything while they are away. It can be overwhelming if you do not have enough support. Heroes at Home is a day I will never forget. It was the most amazing day ever! Thank you all so much for allowing me to feel so special. :) #pedroiaplatoon

Regina Major
(service woman)

Regina is an amazing woman who has served in the Air National Guard for over 27 years. She started out in Security Forces and then changed careers to become a recruiter until she retired in June of 2015. She is a single mom to a 19 year old daughter whom she raised to be an incredible young lady...

Special Story
Karen Walsh: I had the pleasure of being picked for the inaugural Pedroia Platoon Heroes at Home. That day still has a very special place in my heart. I have never felt so appreciated for what I have done in my role as a military wife. Thank you for making this an annual thing and making others feel as special as I did that day!

Carol LaCourse

 I am nominating Carol LaCourse whose husband of 20 years, Tony, has served in the Navy/Reserves for 28 years. During this time, during multiple deployments, she has raised 4 sons, twin boys aged 13, 15 & 16 1/2. She has selflessly provided guidance, stability, and sought out medical and mental health care for her sons for a variety of different challenges, most of which arose during times of deployment. She has sacrificed without hesitation to meet the needs of her husband, children, elderly parents, job as a physical therapist, and her church community, often at the expense of her own needs.

Special Story
I first met Carol several years ago when I joined the Family Team at the MGH HomeBase Program. I was and continue to be so impressed by her sacrifice, resilience and incredible devotion to her family, despite all of the challenges with being a military wife and mother.

Ellen Walsh

My sister-in-law is my rock, and this couldn't have been more true during my husband's deployment to Afghanistan in 2014-2015. This was the same year my twins were born... She was there everyday to help me with the kids, the household, and just to help keep my sanity! She played 'dad' while he was away, I still can't imagine how I could've done it without her! She stepped up when I needed it most and was my #1 support system.  Her full time job is helping people as an EMT and she has also experienced being a military wife as my brother in law is a veteran as well.

Special Story
Karen Walsh: My husband has been in the military for almost 20 years now and it has never been easy. The Pedroia Platoon day last year was the first time I really felt lucky and appreciated as a military wife. I appreciate having the chance to make a nomination I feel is very worthy, thanks so much for the opportunity and for your consideration.

Holly Babineau

I am nominating my wife because her performance and stats over the last 10 years as a military spouse have been All-Star caliber and extremely deserving of this awesome opportunity. Her lifetime stats are comparable to DP's incredible career, but her stats resemble statistics of a different kind. "560" days as a single mother of "2" incredible children, "1" with severe autism, over "2" Combat Deployments, "7" moves in "9" years and "4" states. "3" brain surgery's, "1" stroke and "1000's" of hours of medical rehabilitation. She's been the linchpin of our family, my extended military family, and anyone that crosses paths with her has been positively influenced. She is a hero in our home, and a hero to friends and family that know her story and our family story. She deserves the world, but I am sure she would happily settle for this AWESOME experience.

Special Story
Our story begins 10 years ago, her as a college student and mine as a young officer in the United States Marine Corps. Our common thread during our very first date was a little out of the ordinary. Our stories revolved around some serious health conditions we'd overcome, as well as some tragedy. Little did we know our future life together was going to be filled with the same. As a child Holly had spent most of her time rehabilitating from a stroke and I had overcome two heart conditions. Holly had also recently lost her father to cancer, and I had cancer removed from my neck as a child. These stories set the stage for what was to come...She always put herself in the position to be a positive influence and role model. She recently pursued a long overdue medical procedure to have two experimental brain surgeries to correct some complications from stroke as a child, as well as continuing her college career and pursuit of a higher education. This is the time to give back to her, and let her know how special she is.

Lynda DeLano

I'm nominating my wife because she above anyone else is always there for me. Deals with all the issues that arise while I'm away at drill weekends and my three week annual training every year. We also started our own non-profit organization for veterans. We attend any charities we can and do what we can for our fellow soldiers. Lynda is also a veteran herself and was an MP with army reserves.

Special Story
Lynda is my rock my solid core when all is tough. She holds everything together and pushes me to succeed in every aspect. I myself went through some rough patches after coming home from deployment...No matter how tough things got and how bad things were Lynda was there to support me and support my fellow brothers as we went through this horrible thing they call suicide. We decided to start our own organization called The Battle Starts at Home for veterans, soldiers and their families, Lynda put her heart and soul into starting this up and still does to this day.